Meet Future-You and Future-Self


Degree Show One: ART

MA Art And Science – Fields 

22 May – 27 May 2018

I am glad living in my dream.JPG

I am Glad Living in my Dream 

152.4 x 243.8 cm 

Oil Paint, Oil Pastels, Charcoal, Acrylic Special Effects

I have imagined my future space in a spiritual world, working with a combination of styles  and concepts to represent my personal belief system. As an Asian girl, I experience the multiple cultures of London – and take inspiration from psychological perspectives observing/ struggling/ reflecting varied social and cultural identities. This makes me question my environment and think about social masks. I am interested in people, reflecting upon myself and I enjoy observing other people as I try to understand how and why they think.


African Inspiration 

59.4 x 84.1 cm 

Screen Print (unique) 

African masks were an inspiration for these works. The images are produced through a layering process that also relates to layers of masks. I am interested in questioning the individuality of artworks. Here they can be seen as one piece or as six individual works. The process of layering reflects the issue of the social mask.

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Masquerade – In Between Art and Science

Masqurade 06.03



Masquerade – InBetween Art and Science

Private View: 15th March,2018, Thursday, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition Venue: 15 Knightsbridge Green, London, SW1X 7QL



‘I believe that art is the only form of activity in which man as a man shows himself to be a true individual and it’s capable of going beyond the animal states. Because art is an outlet towards regions where which are not ruled by time and space. To live is to believe that’s my belief.’ _ Marcel Duchamp

‘Masquerade – In Between Art and Science’ is an experimental exhibition involving painting, sculpture painting, digital print, digital video, installation, performance and VJ. The whole show represents the interpretation of Masquerade issue from Reggy Liu.

Philosophy of Art and Science 

Reggy liu as an artist explore her fascination of modern day definition of science in terms of technology, innovation, the future of artificial intelligence, robotics. All the wonderful developments that are taking place from an academic stand point, what she feels deeply human as individual or human interaction with society as a science.  She is interested in the dynamic of internal conversation and mental psychology of human being in the context of today’s human psychology.

Her personally philosophy been developing trough herself as an Asian girl (China) background experiencing diverse culture  in a historical city – London. Inspiring by her friend internationally.

Her’s practices consistently navigating her own experience with communication and the diversity in between oriental and western culture towards human social psychology and culture identity  of contemporary image content.

The curiosity drives Reggy to continue collaborating with scientists in different fields ( physicists, chemist, biologist, Nueo-scientist) for different project – from Cambridge, Imperial College, CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), Royal Society, and the Cube. She is never tired to researching ground notion from science field, and express her own understanding through her own work without any format limitation, and keep finding a interesting point to connect art and science.

Art practice

Reggy Liu is a fine artist and creative director with a practice incorporating drawing, painting, screen printing, photography, film, digital art, sculpture and installation. Liu’s works in harmony between art, fashion and science. She’s exploring her work through thinking, making, and recreating.

Her works ranges broadly between digital media, installation, painting and sculpture with focus on the issues combine painting and sculpture, film, anime and photography to create image culture, in terms of invite artwork travelling in very different dimensions.

She believes a small change could affects substantial different in artwork, material is one of the key element affects artwork.

In-between Art and Science

PHADILIA POSTER chinese version


InBetween Art and Science

Private View:30th November – 1st December, 6.00 – 10.00 pm

Exhibition Venue: Portland Place, W1B

Reggy Liu was born in Harbin, China. She is currently a postgraduate student of Art and Science at Central Saint Martin’s, London.

Her area of specialization is the relationship between art and science, a rapidly evolving field of study and practice in the twenty-first century that advocates the pursuit of innovation in practice and research, and the cross fertilization of both artistic and scientific inspiration.

Reggy Liu’s current research direction, and indeed the work featured in this exhibition centres on the confluence of art and science, especially with the latter’s relationship to social psychology.

Liu’s work has recently been exhibited and lauded at major arts events in France, organized in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week (October 2017). The upcoming solo exhibition in London – ‘Art and Science’ will be presented at Portland Place, Marylebone, and will include major new paintings, prints and sculptural works.

The exhibition itself will be divided into two sections:


Liu writes: Everyone in the real world lives under their own mask, we pretend to be what we want to be, whether we drift or persist in ourselves, and we foresee losing me, or becoming I/ him/ her, the mask getting thicker and thicker, which is difficult to realize the masks of themselves and others. This neglected invisible mask has made the sincere exchange in between people communicate into a gulf. As an Asian girl living in London, she expresses her feelings about the phenomena, experiences and visions of the moment. A few sources, these are based on self or group of internal and external response to changes and social psychology.


Liu writes: “Hedonism” A series of A1 size screen prints made of acrylic fluorescent pigments. The work’s term “hedonism” means living and behaving in ways that mean you enjoy as much joy as you can in life, based on the belief that the most important thing in life is to enjoy yourself and to make mankind happy. Different from the real world, artwork is used to retain the spiritual world of its own fantasies and to avoid other constraints. This group of works of art will have different effects due to different lighting conditions, especially under UV light. More about the meaning of this group of works of art is to convey the sense of art and perception of the audience.

Reggy Liu is a fine artist and creative director with a practice incorporating drawing, painting, screen printing, photography, film, digital art, sculpture and installation. Liu works in harmony between art, fashion and science – social psychology, physics, facial cognition, special and colour cognition. She’s exploring her work through thinking, making, and recreating.




Central Saint Martins,

London, UK – MA Art And Science, 2016 – 2018

London College Of Fashion

London, UK – BA Creative Direction For Fashion, 2013 – 2015





CSM X CMS: Entangled, 2017, Group Exhibition at Four Corners Gallery, London, UK

Somehow You and I Collide, 2017, MA Fine Art Interim Show at Mango, London, UK


Open Studio, 2016, Group Exhibition at Central Saint Martins, London, UK

Practices of Enquiry , 2016, Group Show at Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK


Media & Communication BA Degree show, 2014, Group Exhibition at The Yard, London, Uk