‘Converting Dark States To Bright States’ is collaboration project about CMA OLEDs with scientist in Cambridge. Combing multiple video technique – documenting, filming, 3D modelling, and animation. In contemporary society, the screen industry are looking for the scientific revolution for the screen much more lighter, thiner, power lasting longer, and cheaper cost. CMA is a special chemical molecule the scientist have been found in Cambridge. The video starting from explain what is OLEDs, extending to what is CMA OLEDs. The video is explaining how CMA (Carbene Metal Amides) as sustainable molecule functions and interacts with OLEDs. Which is non-toxic, inexpensive, low-cost, eco-friendly. And how CMA molecules twists with extra bound that rapidly converts most energy state in the dark states to bright states, making light emission more efficient.

Reggy Liu is a fine artist and creative director with a practice incorporating drawing, painting, screen printing, photography, film, digital art, sculpture, and installation. Liu works in harmony between art, fashion, and science – social psychology, physics, facial cognition, special and colour cognition. She’s exploring her work through thinking, making, and recreating.

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