Degree Show One: ART

MA Art And Science – Fields 

22 May – 27 May 2018

I am glad living in my dream.JPG

I am Glad Living in my Dream 

152.4 x 243.8 cm 

Oil Paint, Oil Pastels, Charcoal, Acrylic Special Effects

I have imagined my future space in a spiritual world, working with a combination of styles  and concepts to represent my personal belief system. As an Asian girl, I experience the multiple cultures of London – and take inspiration from psychological perspectives observing/ struggling/ reflecting varied social and cultural identities. This makes me question my environment and think about social masks. I am interested in people, reflecting upon myself and I enjoy observing other people as I try to understand how and why they think.


African Inspiration 

59.4 x 84.1 cm 

Screen Print (unique) 

African masks were an inspiration for these works. The images are produced through a layering process that also relates to layers of masks. I am interested in questioning the individuality of artworks. Here they can be seen as one piece or as six individual works. The process of layering reflects the issue of the social mask.

Experimental Interactive Performance 


Day 1 (22.05.18)



261A7866 .jpg






‘Generating Energy’

Day 2 (23.05.18)

C0020T01 copy.jpgC0033T01 copy.jpgL1060829.JPG








We all have our own life pathway we  walk on, And in this journey we meet our future selves. On this journey, generating energy is one of the good ways to help us to continue on what we do. ‘Courage’ and ‘optimism’ is very important for our mindset, in terms of changing our magnetic field. I am here today sending my energy to you, please let me know if you want ‘courage’ or ‘optimism’. 


‘Beauty In The Beast’

Day 3 (24.05.18)



In contemporary society, our communication is always affected by people’s look, our facade is different with our true self. Some people might have a pretty or handsome face or cool style, but inside are empty. Some people look quite plain or average, but are very kind or knowledgeable inside. Some people look like a bad girl or play boy, but they also work hard. What we see is not what it is. 

Behind the mask, you might not know who am I. Are you willing to have a connection with me, to feel my inner self ?

L1060892 copy.jpgL1060905.JPGL1060927.JPGL1060936.JPGL1060965.JPGL1060978.JPGL1060984.JPG

A beauty has been cursed in a magic spell, waiting for you to wake her. The antidote has been locked in the magic bottle. Legend says the ‘the key’ to waking her is inside each of you. You need to discover ‘the key’ to wake her up.

First step is to find deep inside you who you really are, by finding your true self. Then you will have the power to wake her up. Would you like to experience this adventure with her?

She still needs your help to wake up, would you like to help her? If you would, please go to has connection with her, see if she could wake up.

If she’s already awake, what connection would like to make with her?

‘Don’t be scared of me, I won’t bite you. I hope you can ‘Be Brave’, ‘Be Honest’, and ‘Be Yourself’.’ – Reggy


‘Nurse Liu’

Day 4 (25.05.18)





‘Blind Writing’

Day 5 (26.05.18)







‘Black Angel’

Day 6 – 27.05.18




Meet Future-self and Future-You (Performance, twice a day)

This performance uses a different concept each day: Interacting with the exhibition space, I explore the human condition and the concept of the ‘masquerade’. Through this series of performances, I challenge the shadow self, face my fears and uncertainties, in order to accommodate future you and future self.

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