After graduated I choose to be an independent artist. The two years life experience in London invited me into unlimited uncertainty and struggle for my future. While, which made me understand to facing them bravely, and before arrive to the ideal world we need to walk into a long back hole way. I then choose to live with uncertainties which also creates unlimite potential possibilities. This situation make me strongly sense the uncertainty everyday after I wake up, make me eager to running my best ahead of the time. I felt like standing in the time cliff, if I am not running as faster as I can I will fall. ‘Time Runner’ and “chasing My Dream’ was created in that time period. That might also a blissed feeling. I hope I could always keep this feeling – full of passion and motivation to create my artworks and chasing my dream consistently.  I wish every dreamer who are on the way to chasing their own dream could keep working on it consistently, creating an extraordinary unique way to approach their dream only they have!

If the humanity combined half divine and half demonic. Facing all kinds of problems in our daily life, we are battling with two sides of ourselves. Sometimes divine – intellect, honesty, kindness, or discipline wins; sometimes demonic – laziness, procrastination,  greedy, indiscipline wins. ‘Inbetween Divine and Demonic’ is a self question, when different situation comes, which sides are we choose? How could we overcome our dark side and defeat ourselves? 

‘Wonder Land’ is a panting represents my spiritual world. I combined traditional Chinese bronze masks, pink blue skull, a rainbow eye,and an antler as a divine tree. The snake and apple as a metaphor represents curiosity. The combination of pink blue human tree with full of golden light connected with the land. The smaller scale of human under the divine tree was having their ritual sacrifice for the ‘Life book’, from the spiritual world traversing to another world under the key door – a reality world so call ‘Present’. 

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